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Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Tips for Keeping Your Daily Life Organized

“Let me count the ways…” is a famous line that can be applied to the act of getting organized in your life. Your life is open-ended and it is enormous; it is also subject to change. “Counting the ways” to new-found organization may become your favorite thing to do. It really is possible.
By nature, human beings want to be organized and live an uncluttered existence. People are complex beings in search of simplification through organization. To be the very best person living a happy life, tap into a few suggestions on just how to get organized and how to do it gracefully. Once you conquer a few tips, you will be asking your friends and family for more suggestions and also creating your own list. Success begets success!
Five of Many Great and Painless Ways to Organize Your Life:

1. Accept Reality

First, change the ‘judge’ in you to someone who is more accepting. Acceptance is about getting right with reality. Reality is always about truth. It says that there are only so many hours in a day and only so much of you to go around. The judge is that part of you that always criticizes yourself and others. The judge sees no end in sight to that ‘task’ called living; the judge also lives life as a perfectionist. Ultimately, the judge hands down a ‘sentence’ at the end of every day. Just remember, acceptance of reality (truth) allows for greater peace within the entire family.

2. Appoint A Leader

Any organization or business is comprised of various departments with a chairperson in charge of each. If possible, elect your officials from your family before looking for outside help. Put your husband or wife in charge of bills and bill paying. This is an enormous responsibility that usually requires a great deal of time to do accurately. Take this into account when assigning any further responsibilities to that person.

3. Every Little Bit Helps

Everyone in the family can work at this suggestion and benefit from it, as well. Use the motto: ‘Every little bit to the good.’ Put items away after using them. When walking past something that needs put away, grab it and do it on your way to wherever you were going. While taking a stroll through the garden, pull a few weeds. When going to the car, take the garbage out with you.

4. Give Everyone Their Own Basket

Allot a clothes basket to each family member. Put that person in charge of putting his or her dirty clothes into the basket on a daily basis. Inform each basket owner that on the eve before laundry is done, he will need to take his basket to the laundry room. The baskets can be piled-up, one on top of the other. Whoever is assigned to wash, dry and fold the clothes is taking on a big responsibility. Use the individual baskets to return the clothes to the appropriate person, allowing them to put their own clothes away in drawers and closet.

5. Create A Communal List

Have a list-making tablet magnetized to the refrigerator. Ask each family member to help to create the weekly list. When someone uses the last of an item, put it on the list. If there is a new request, put it on the list under ‘new requests.’ Whoever does the grocery shopping can add items and take that list with her (or him) to the store.
One additional suggestion:
If you are prone to losing track of something, such as your keys, glasses, sunglasses, purse or wallet, have a spot that you always put them and refuse to put them any place else. If you slip up, forgive yourself and “keep on trekking” toward an evermore organized life that speaks of pure joy.

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