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Friday, April 20, 2012


There are places on this planet that I have always longed to see. I have always wanted to travel to different parts of the world. First, discovering the many beautiful places in my home country the Philippines and step by step, the world. Traveling has become my passion.
n thePhilippines, there are many beautiful places to see and discover. But if there is one city I would love to live and grow old, it would be my home City of MATI. Why? Very simple. LIFE IS HERE.
LIFE IS HERE. This is the newest strapline of Mati City Tourism Office. Acclaimed by Asiaweek as the Philippine’s Most Livable City, In spite being the only metropolis in whole Region, Mati City continues to straddle two worlds – the new and the old.Blessed with multiple scenic landscapes, Mati’s topography dazzles fruit plantations and orchid farms mantle volcano- fed hills and valleys. Virgin forests nurture rare wildlife.Just as enchanting is its brilliant tapestry of harmony, woven from the diverse cultural threads of its people. In Mati, the contemporary fuses with the traditional as migrant settlers from all over the country co- exist in peace with a fairly large expatriate community and numerous ethnic tribes who continue to live as they did centuries ago.
Mati, on the southeastern seaboard of Mindanao is attracting more tourists because of its rich culture, abundant natural resources, forests, falls and also in entire Davao Oriental the Mati City is blessed with one kind natures gift that the only one beach has a white sand.
If you’re in for an exciting and unforgettable experience for business and leisure, come to Mati City and feel the captivating lure of nature’s bounty fused with cosmopolitan comforts. A city that’s bustling yet peaceful, modern yet rustic. Anytime of the year, there’s always a good reason to visit Mati City.

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